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All three brands are especially cloned unique creations reflecting the mindset of ICI Hali.These national  brands were created locally in order to connect Türkiye with its 12000 years of history so that these native designs of our past heritage are interpreted with the needs of our century.

The need and desire to clone and replicate old carpets arose  in North America when individual carpet dealers who were highly specialized in antique carpets approached ICI in the 1990s.Because antique carpets are rare collectables and each year they changed hands at enormous prices in world famous auctions(please take a look at two of such examples in section''Carpets''); and remember there is always a short supply to antique works of art.That is why at that time these carpet dealers asked ICI if those most wanted old carpets could be cloned as identical replicas.

After some eight years of research and development before the end of the last century these three brands were born amongst others.This is the simple answer to how ICI Hali with these three brands has won seven Atlanta Magnificient Carpet Awards in ten years.When you feel our cloned replicas from both sides of the carpets the feeing you will get is exactly the same as if you are feeling an antique carpet in a museum if you can get permission to do so.Being a tour guide for half a century I had that permission and pleasure several times so I was amazed when I felt all three ICI brands with different weaving techniques for the first time.

During this cloning process hundreds of designs were created using our historic patterns such as Rumis(split leaves) were used in scrolls;Cloudbands,resembling twisted and knotted ribbons as well as Çintemanis(clusters of triple balls and /or double wavy lines) in order to show utmost appreciation to the art of weaving.

In the next decade ICI carpets will be the ones that will change hands at auctions.That is why the management of ICI is in no rush to sell them.You can evaluate this website as part of my mission to promote the finest quality Wool-on -Cotton group of collectables at producer prices.

Professionals go to South Africa to buy diamonds from the very mines where they are extracted then they will take them globally to where the best cutters are for the final touch.So this website gives you the unique opportunity to reach and shop from a carpet mine without having to deal with other sources in between.

Therefore my advice to you; is to make that decision to purchase one of these rare works of art NOW before they reach their final value at auctions.At this point in time they happen to be the best Turkish hand-knotted carpets in the market place money can buy.




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